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A Journey of Enlightenment

A Journey of Enlightenment

Woman of Pearl and London based artist, Carla Sibal Thompson, has recently been shortlisted for the annual Royal Arts Prize for her most current collection, The Impasse of Reverie.



Inspired by the enduring painting of JMW Turner at the Tate Britain in London, The Impasse of Reverie “follows the journey of enlightenment.” This visual narrative commences with “The Search.” According to the artist, the piece marks the beginning of a soul’s journey.



Other pieces that each echo various stages in this narrative, include “Emergence” and “You Have Wings.” Diaphanous hues and ethereal figures on each of the canvases appear to capture a moment of revelation and evolution. There is a sense of to each of the canvas that evoke nostalgia and longing to connect. Carla expounds, “Having been awakened by the muse’s impulses to remember one’s fullest potential. She is a portal that connects us, the human, with the divine, while we are living amidst the chaos of daily life and siren call of the ego."



The four-piece visual expression closes with “The Light She Brings.” Carla explains, “The final piece celebrates the muse’s relevance to each of us, having connected to her—becoming familiar with our inherent luminance through art and remembrance.”


You may view pieces from Impasse of Reverie at