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OUR sustainability efforts

ARAO strives to be sustainable in everything that we do. We believe in doing what is best for both our customers and our environment. Our sustainability efforts consist of:

Ethical Sourcing

Our pearls are directly sourced from a sustainable pearl farm in Palawan, Philippines. An illustrious pearl can only be produced in a healthy environment. Pearl farmers foster and nurture not only the oysters containing the pearls, but also their habitat - their home.

No Waste Mantra

We are able to maintain a sustainable business by avoiding waste in the production of our pearls. Working with organic material, we are able to utilize every part of the oyster, from shell to gem. Both the pearl and the shell are designed into our jewellery pieces, while the oyster itself makes a scrumptious dish.


We also reduce waste with our packaging, which is made 100% recycled/upcycled material. The pearls also come in a beautiful and reusable box that can serve as a lovely home for your gems.

Long-Lasting Product

Our pearls are made with high quality pieces that will stay with you for a very long time. With our classic and timeless designs, they become accessories you can grow with. The more you wear them during your daily activities, the brighter they shine.

Give Back

ARAO partnered with The Philippines Foundation (TPF) to promote education in the Philippines amongst the nanay (or mothers) and their children to create an impact on the environment. With its major programs that focus on the restoration of coral reefs and mangroves and youth education covering 5 million students, ARAO aims to give back to its global community by donating 1% of its sales to TPF.