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A Private Preview In Arao’s New Home In Hong Kong

Cover Photo L-R: Joyce Craddock, Chesa Ibarra-Lagman, Karrie Bitanga, Din Lim-Singzon, Piluchi De Guzman, Stacey Courtmanche




A private preview of Arao’s widely-loved Paradox and Joanique collection ushered in the start of a new chapter in the fine jewellery brand’s journey. Held last January 20 at the Peninsula Hong Kong’s Novel Fineries, the event closed out an exciting Tiger year. It also welcomed the Water Rabbit and its promise of boundless possibilities. 


ARAO's Joanique Collection



Novel Fineries Store, The Peninsula Hong Kong


Arao’s new home at the Peninsula Hong Kong’s, Novel Fineries, was the fitting venue for a joyful gathering of Hong Kong’s stylish set—fine jewellery collectors, empowered women, and celebrated entrepreneurs. Among those spotted trying out their favorite pieces from the ARAO's collections were: celebrity makeup artist Sapphire Shen, Lululemon’s LA Garcia, luxury connoisseur Daniel Roberts, and former news anchor for CNBC and Al Jazeera Tess Arcilla. Novel Fineries Proprietor and Designer and Pocket Art Designer, June Lau, was also present to welcome guests into the celebrated bespoke gifting destination. 


L-R: Karrie Bitanga with Novel Fineries founder June Lau


Luxury connoisseur Daniel Roberts


Celebrity Make Up Artist, Sapphire Shen


Former news anchor for CNBC and Al Jazeera Tess Arcilla


The Paradox collection, which features handpicked baroque South Sea pearls and rare cut precious gems, was the main draw and highlight during the private preview. A favorite among men and women of discerning tastes, the collection pays tribute the to singular beauty of baroque pearls and the allure of birthstones throughout each month of the year. Purposeful lives of the wearer inform the versatile designs for earrings, genderless necklaces, and pendants. 



ARAO's Paradox Collection, Pearl Lab


L-R: Purpleflour Founder Din Lim-Singzon, Piluchi  De Guzman, Laine Laudico all wearing pieces from the Paradox collection



The start of a new year in the Chinese calendar was ideal for celebrating each month of 2023 through baroque pearls and birth stones. It was also a housewarming of sorts as Arao opened doors of its newest home to close friends and patrons. The brand’s founder and ultimate woman of pearl, Mirabel Rosar, shared: “As we welcome a new year, we look back with gratitude—for family, friends, partners, patrons, and all who helped us to get to where we are today. Here’s to 2023, a year of hope.” 


Lululemon's LA Garcia