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A Tribute To The Ultimate Girl Boss

As we celebrate World Girl Boss Day, we hear what the ARAO community has to say about the woman behind the brand.


Running a start up luxury brand, all while raising a family, is a job that requires patience, grit and sheer discipline. It means filing extra large stiletto heels all while chasing after deliverables, deadlines and two adorable daughters. It also entails balancing time between work, home and self, without compromising one for the other. And ARAO Founder Mirabel Rosar, is a master at that. She is, in every respect, a #girlboss whose vision, passion and dedication to every endeavor taken, makes 18-hour work days seem like a walk in the park.


We interviewed members of the ARAO community—collaborators, ARAO’s Women of Pearls, partners, clients, consultants and even close family—to shine light on this week’s ultimate girlboss. Most of them are, in their own unique ways, girlbosses themselves. And here’s what they have to say:




“Mira is a true girl boss because she's hardworking, on top of her game and most of all, she runs her empire with heart. She's always in action, a true trait of a leader!” –Anna Flores, Wellness Entrepreneur and Woman of Pearls




“Mira is a modern girl boss because she makes her demanding, multi-faceted and fast paced life look very easy. And Arao products made with organic pearls and gems reflect the softness and spark she brings to both work and life.”—Kitty Go, Art and Impact Investor, Woman of Pearls





“Mira is a go-getter and is not afraid to share what she thinks and how she feels. This ultimate girl boss launched a business in a new city, where she felt inspired to share a bit of her roots. Proud to have worked with her in telling her success story in Hong Kong”—Karrie Bitanga, Publicist and Woman of Pearls




“We haven’t met IRL, but I can really feel her passion for her brand.” – Trickie Lopa, Founder of Art Fair Philippines, Woman of Pearls




“What I value most in Mira is the mark of excellence in her life and work. She influences and inspires others to do the same.” - Len Cabili, Sustainable Fashion Advocate, Woman of Pearls




“I ordered a necklace with a custom design pearl drop from ARAO. It was one small piece, but she communicated every detail with me from production to delivery. And when I broke the necklace, she exerted effort to secure it back and have it repaired. It was a simple purchase transaction, but it gave me a glimpse of a woman committed to her product, company and to a vision beyond her brand. Mira could have passed me on to her staff, but she did everything herself. So I gained a special pearl but more than that I met an inspirational and exceptional woman.”—Cecil Ravelas, Interior Designer, Woman of Pearls




“She knows what she wants and communicates it with clarity.” –Miko Calo, Chef, Woman of Pearls




“Although we’ve only met through various correspondence, what struck me about Mira was her old world graciousness and authenticity - so refreshing these days! And qualities every girl boss should have. Can’t wait to meet her in person!” –Carla Sibal, Artist, Woman of Pearls




“Mira is a very natural, graceful individual; confident, self-dependent, and driven to live her dreams with ARAO. I am a proud supporter!”-- Jo Soo Tang, Social Entrepreneur, Woman of Pearls




“Mira is doing what she does best consistently and sharing the opportunity with like-minded girl bosses, building a community of strong women--you go, girl”-- Madina Kalyayeva, Managing Director at RSVP Agency, Woman of Pearls




“The modern boss creates companies that aren’t only profit- focused, but purpose filled…Mira takes it even beyond that because what she takes, she regenerates” --Evelin Weber, Philanthropist, Collaborator, Woman of Pearls




“Mira has brought a strong vision to life. ARAO mirrors her elegance and genuineness, carries her forward-thinking through, and is anchored in her resilience. Happy #girlboss day, Mira! Wishing you all the best in life.” - Samantha Fong, Photographer and Founder Nestology Studio, Collaborator, Photographer, Woman of Pearls




“I like how Mira has the drive and passion to pursue her dreams. Being a boss also means being a leader and Mira does it all.” - Paul Sunga, Photographer, Collaborator




 “Mira is ethical, down to earth, and well-rounded. She works with everyone in a fair and balanced manner and conducts business with integrity.”—Julienne, ARAO model and collaborator




“Mira is honest, has a keen eye for details, ambitious with a calm and focused intention. She knows what she wants. On top of all this, she has two beautiful little girls.” –Natalie, ARAO model and collaborator




“You can tell she’s a refined person and easy to work with. “ - Jo Ann Bitagcol, Artist, Collaborator




“I enjoy collaborating with Mira because she’s easy to work with. She is so open to collaborate with other designers. She’s also open to other ideas and innovations that allows to expand her creativity. This opens up to more possibilities.” - Malou Araneta, Designer, Collaborator




“Mira is the kind of #girlboss who makes work feel like play. Her kindness, and understanding are rays of light that permeate even through gloomy weather. Like the pearls that she showcases through ARAO, she is a study in grace, grit and generosity.” –Bianca Salonga, ARAO Communications Consultant, Woman of Pearls




“Mira has the clarity of a visionary that goes beyond surface, the wisdom of a mature well rounded individual, the brilliant luster of a modest star and a precious priceless heart of gold!”Luis Espiritu, ARAO Creative Director