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Holiday Away from Home with Sarah Hooper

Christmas is just around the corner, and as much as we would like to fly back home to celebrate with our families, it may not be the case this 2020. Families are forced to spend the holidays apart, and although it is heartbreaking, there is still hope in having a merry Christmas.


This is the case for Sarah Hooper, one of our ARAO ambassadors. She shares with us how she copes with being away from home, and how she intends to keep Christmas special this year.


A Little Bit About Sarah


Pursuing a profession in Finance, Sarah moved to Hong Kong around nine and a half years ago. Although this was a big jump for her career, this meant that she had to live far away from her home in Tasmania, Australia. 


Unfortunately, she will not be able to fly back home this Christmas because of Australia’s travel restrictions. Despite this, she still plans on keeping the tradition alive and making it a celebration worth remembering.


Family Away from Home


When asked on how she plans to celebrate this holiday season, she explained that “Christmas is such a special holiday for me, [and it is] very focused on being around family and loved ones.”


Since she can’t travel this year, Sarah decided to bring the tradition with her and host a little get together with a few of her friends, whom she calls her “HK family.” She intends to keep it as festive as possible, with homemade recipes, a big Christmas tree, and of course, presents!


The Importance of Connection


An advantage of living in this day and age is that we have technology to connect with others despite being apart from them. 

Thanks to FaceTime, Sarah and her kids are still able to maintain a healthy relationship with her parents back home. She expressed how important it is for her to keep this bond with them, especially during a time of uncertainty.  


The Hope in Having a Merry Christmas


It is a reality that families are forced to celebrate such a beautiful season apart this year. However, Christmas isn’t entirely hopeless. Sarah shared with us the importance of connecting with loved ones and finding a family away from home. 

When asked about what she looks forward to in 2021, she simply replied “a vaccination.” With news on the progress of the vaccine against the virus, we are given more hope for a better future to come. But for now, it’s best that we make the most of what we have and find the light in the little things.