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Pampering with Pearls

An intimate circle of Women of Pearls enjoyed a housewarming of sorts as ARAO unveiled its newest home at The Chaless Beauty and Wellness. It was an afternoon of pampering and pearls with guests taking a few hours from their busy schedules to indulge in unique massages, personalized skin care analysis and other creative treatments. There were delectable nibbles and flowing bubbles to accompany lively conversation and lighthearted laughter.


 Photo (L-R): The Chaless Founder Anna Flores and ARAO Founder Mirabel Rosar


Photo (L-R): Kibo Founder Natalie Chow, Jessie Kwan and Prism Creative Director Rosann Ling


Photo (L-R): Soluna Founder Rachel Lee, ARAO's Mirabel Rosar and Prism Creative Director Rosann Ling


Although the late afternoon rendezvous saw the setting of a golden sun, attendees' faces lit up at the sight of ARAO’s most beloved South Sea Pearls in full display. And as most get-togethers among tight knit groups go, a new secret was revealed just before it was time to call it a day. An exclusive preview of ALCHEMY by ARAO, a series of collaborations from the sustainable luxury label, gave the ladies an exclusive peek at the limited edition scarves by artist Jo Ann Bitagcol featuring ARAO’s South Sea pearls.



Photo (L-R): Andi Poernomo, ARAO's Mirabel Rosar, Partner & Family Lawyer Jaerey Velasco, Mr. Wolf owner Chai Hall and The Chaless' Anna Flores


Photo (L-R): Tanya Somera, ARAO's Mirabel Rosar, Partner & Family Lawyer Jaerey Velasco


Photo (L-R): Citi Chief Economist Johanna Chua, Mr Wolf's Chai Hall, Publicist Karrie Bitanga, Tanya Somera, ARAO's Mirabel Rosar, Partner & Family Lawyer Jaerey Velasco and The Chaless Anna Flores