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Paradox and the Pearl Lab

Pieces from Paradox 1 may now be customized by clients according to birthstone and preferred type of South Sea Pearl. Recent upgrades on the platform have been made to allow clients to create their own piece using the PEARL LAB.


On the platform, users are immersed in an interactive environment that allows them to choose the type of jewellery, pearl and gemstone. A simulated image of their creations will also be projected to give them a visual render of what they had created.



In true form, fine gems on offer are among the rarest. Gemstones are handpicked to show a wide range of hues and cuts not typically found in most vaults. There are sapphires in shades of orange, yellow and green. Diamonds come in black and a stunning hue of blue. Pearls, of course, come in the most stunning shades of gold, brown and gray.


The Pearl Lab is a new feature on the ARAO that inspires creativity. It also endeavors to give consumers a more personalized experience of the brand. Much like a woman’s most trusted jeweler, ARAO aims to forge stronger bonds with its clients through features that allow them to express their style and let their light shine through.





Red Garnet is the birthstone of January which reflects love, inner fire and life force.  It is a stone of prosperity and abundance.


Rhodolite Garnet is the birthstone for January which reflects inspiration, kindness and compassion. It is a stone of spiritual growth as well as emotional healing.






Green Amethystis the birthstone for February that harnesses intuition, power and self love. It is a gem stone also associated with peace, calm, health, happiness and harmony.


Purple Amethyst is the birthstone for February that represents healing and purity. It is a clearing stone also associated with humility, sincerity and wisdom.





Aquamarine is the birthstone for March symbolizing serenity, clarity and rebirth. Wearing an aquamarine stone brings calmness, hope and protection.






Diamond is the birthstone for April often associated with purity and perfection. Called the king of gems, diamonds are stones symbolizing commitment, faithfulness and promises.


Blue Diamonds are birthstones for April celebrants that represent truth, eternity, chastity and devotion. They are often associated with our creativity, self-expression and stability.


Black Diamonds are birthstones for April celebrants that represent a flawless and unchanging love. This special diamond also symbolizes charisma, passion and energy.





Emeraldsare birthstone for the month of May that symbolize love, protection and wisdom. They are precious gems associated with balance, harmony, and luck.







Pearls are the queen of gems that represents perfection, purity, femininity, fertility and balance. It is a gem from the ocean that harnesses luck, protection and wealth.


Golden Pearls represent wealth and prosperity.


Brown Pearls symbolizes harmony, healing and protection.


Gray Pearls are often associated with wisdom, calm, focus and dignity.





Rubies are the birthstones for the month of July. They are said to be stones of love, energy, passion and life. Rubies have also been associated with power and nobility. 





Peridot  is the birthstone for August, representing good health, peace and harmony. It is a gem associated with happiness, abundance as well as kindness.







Sapphires are celestial birthstone for the month of September. They are symbols of strength, power, and good fortune.


Orange Sapphires symbolize good and honest leadership. It is a highly empowering gem for those who want to express themselves and get creative.


Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone of divine grace, auspicious wealth and loving relationships.


Green Sapphire is also known as the stone of tranquility. It represents trust, loyalty and integrity.





Pink Tourmaline brings love and compassion to its wearer. This gem stone for the month of October also represents unconditional love, friendship and harmony.


 Green Tourmaline is a gemstone associated with luck, success, prosperity and abundance.






Citrineis a joyful gemstone for the month of November. It represents joy, abundance and vitality of life.







Topazis the birthstone for December symbolizing nobility, love, and good fortune. It is a harmony gem that also represents purpose as well as good health.


Sky Blue Topazis a stone associated with loyalty and love. It also represents honesty, eternal romance as well as honesty.