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Paradox for Men

Inspired by the modern spirit’s daring, creativity and innovation, the PARADOX collection from ARAO introduces two new pieces that honour men—Sikat and Sinag. The idea behind each gender-bending design was to challenge the traditional notion that pearls are gems solely for women. Although first championed by contemporary pop culture icons like Harry Styles and BTS, Paradox for Men further elevates pearl fine jewellery for men with a rare selection of Keshi pearls combined with delicate gold chains and precious gemstones.





Staying true to the narrative of the PARADOX collection, these fluid statement pieces explore various contrasts and contradictions. Known for its gentle, calming and soothing properties, pearls have long been associated with female energy. It’s even been mentioned that they enhance fertility.


Pearls also ring grounding and balance to the fiery male. For modern men who often find themselves in a constant whirlwind of pressure, anxiety, and work overload, pearls bring forth benefits such as: emotional calm, mental strength and enhanced confidence. And so as Paradox for Men was brought into fruition, creators anchored and drew from one resonating irony: that a gem as delicate as pearls could bring so much strength to men.  





Decidedly subtle and simple, the SIKAT necklace was created to become one with its wearer. A solitaire Keshi pearl is seemingly suspended by a fine 14K gold chain. A keepsake and staple that can be worn and layered in countless ways, this neckpiece presents a more subdued approach to wearing pearls where the man wears the pearls—and never the other way around.





Every well-rounded wardrobe will include a string of pearls. This cardinal rule holds true for stylish women across eras. Now in contemporary times, the same applies to the well-dressed man. Instead of literally borrowing from the traditional designs of the past, SINAG merges the pure luster of Keshi pearls to the rich hues of precious stones to create a bold statement for the modern man.





Baroque Keshi pearls, also known as “gifts of mermaids,” was the ideal choice for both SINAG and SIKAT. Its unique shapes lend each piece a raw, organic and almost rugged layer, ideal for men who like to wear their pearls on the daily. The wide range of sizes also fit seamlessly into the proportions of both a female and male wearer. Finally, it was Keshi’s iridescent nacre, far more superior to others, that truly brought Paradox for Men into its full light.


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