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SOLUNA FINE ART’S PRISM: A Celebration Of Asian Art, Light and Colours

To mark three years, SOLUNA FINE ART GALLERY, will unveil its biggest group show to date, aptly dubbed as Prism. On September 11, 2021, doors of Sheung Wan’s celebrated art gallery will open to reveal an exhibit of 17 emerging and established Asian contemporary artists. The roster, composed of artists from Hong Kong, Seoul, and New York, serves as a compendium that reflects SOLUNA’s impressive work in the past years. Artists who are part of this exhibition include: Huh Sang-Wook, Jang Young-Sook, Jeong Myoung-Jo, Joanne Chan, Kim Duck-Yong, Kim Joon-Yong, Kim Keun-Tai, Kim Woo-Young, Kim Yong-Chul, Kim Young-Hun, Lee Gee-Jo, Lee Kang-Hyo, Lee Kyou-Hong, Park Ji-Sook, Park Yoon-Kyung, Song Kwang-Ik, and Zang Zong-Son.



Jeong Myoung-Jo, Play-Ground


The team at SOLUNA explains, “The exhibition demonstrates our achievements of three years in Hong Kong, resulting in an extensive, colourful collection of works.” In staying true to the essence of the word Prism, the show echoes an observer’s introspective point of view brought to life by colour, texture, shapes and light. “As we look through the optical prism device, we often can, unexpectedly, also catch a glimpse of ourselves in the reflection. Caught in the act of seeing ourselves, we then filter out the literal views by combining what we know with what we see. To facilitate new ways of seeing beyond our reflections, we hope our audience will experience the artworks by familiar artists through the prism of a reimagined spatial curation,” expounds the SOLUNA team.


Park Ji-Sook, Breeze 3


SOLUNA FINE ART is a creative space specialising in Asian fine art and objects. With roots in South Korea, the gallery has set out to revitalise interest in Eastern sensibilities, philosophy and expressions. Since opening its doors three years ago, SOLUNA has been dedicated to showcasing established and emerging artists and works.  


Kim Young-Hun, P2030 Electronic Nostalgia


Prism will run from September 11, 2021 to October 21, 2021. Gallery hours are from 10AM to 6PM. SOLUNA FINE ART is located at 52 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. To find out more, follow Soluna on Instagram @solunafineart.


Park Yoon-Kyung, Filial Devotion