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Trend Story 3: Investing in Pearls

Pearls speak volumes where taste and level or refinement are concerned. In contrast with more elaborate or blinding jewels, there is a subtle quality about pearls that make it a perfect fit for individuals of stature and influence. Little wonder royalty and even this year’s woman of the year, Kamala Harris, consider these oceanic gems as style staples.





In a special feature published by VOGUE, pearls were hailed as enduring investments for 2021. Author Daisy Shaw Ellis wrote: Some of the most precious gems have the power to span generations and remain covetable for decades, and pearl jewelry fits firmly into the sartorial realm.” Worth noting from this trend report were new designs for pearl earrings that explored how the gem could be used to create statement pieces or modern hoops. Click here to read more.  


Source: Pearl of Wisdom: Here's Why This Timeless, Versatile Jewelry is Worth Investing In, Vogue