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Trend Story 4: Dress Up Again

While we continue to take precaution, the stylish set cannot help but anticipate days when they can step out and dress up again. Case in point: VOGUE Editors. Although currently still putting together our favorite fashion stories from home, these style makers continue to put together new looks and mood board to inspire their post pandemic looks.



Pearl jewellery were crowd favorites. Its versatility and timelessness made for perfect matches for a wide range of looks. A pair of denims, tailored jackets and silk blouse immediately turned glamorous when topped with pearls hoops. Drop pearls or a statement pearl hoop was the fitting touch to soft minimalist look envisioned by Vogue Executive Fashion Director Rickie De Sole. Read more about it here.




As for us here at ARAO, we imagine our nature-inspired pearl earrings bringing light to your current work-from-home ensemble and even post pandemic.


Source: Vogue