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Trend Story 5: Pearls for the Future-Forward

Pearls have evolved in recent years to become part of a clever and contemporary wardrobe. Once limited to timeless strands and studs, these gems from nature have taken on new forms in 2021 to celebrate a more playful and modern style sensibility.


Clustered or set with other precious stones, pearls can be translated into ornate statement pieces that enliven any ensemble. We love how it can be worn as a single earring or even mix matched with your favorite stud or hop.



Apart from earrings, bracelets and necklaces, wearing brooches in 2021 is also a huge trend as reported by HARPERS BAZAAR. Contributing Fashion Editor writes: “Chanel created a brooch of pearls in varying sizes, dangling from chains made of gold, glass and crystals.” There are countless ways to style your look with brooches. We love adding them to a tailored jacket or even as an accent to a chic trench dress.





Baroque pearls, similarly, have been the go-to of fashion insiders when it comes to sprucing up their outfits. It’s been on the radar since 2020 and continues to inspire sartorial expressions whether it be for work-at-home meetings, strolls outdoors or intimate dinners al fresco. Editors at VOGUE FRANCE spoke about this new love for the perfectly imperfect when they wrote: “Gone are the minimalist pearls with perfect contours. The trend is moving on to the baroque pearl, with irregular, naturally-shaped contours.”