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When Pearls Take The Lead Role

Apart from the festivities and beloved traditions of the holidays, this time of the year also often ushers in the most awaited films and TV shows. It’s during the merrymaking season when we carve out time with loved ones to cuddle up binge on old classics or head out to the cinemas to catch the newest blockbuster. Since the gradual reopening of businesses and establishments, one of the greatest gifts that 2021 brings is, without doubt, the joy of watching movies with loved ones in cinemas.





On social media, excitement and anticipation over the most-awaited fashion biopics have us scrolling through our screens in hopes of catching a glimpse of sneak peak. Ridley Scott’s House of Guccitells the story of the ambitious, largely-than-life Patrizia Reggiani (played by Lady Gaga) who marries into the dynastic Gucci clan. A story of glamour, madness and greed, House of Gucci brings together a powerhouse cast including Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Selma Hayek and of course, the don himself, Al Pacino.


Of all the stars, pearls at the House of Gucci shone brightest. The film’s costume designer, Oscar awardee Janty Yates, captured the decadence of the 80s and 90s with jewel tones, layers of chains, fur and as a final touch: strings of pearls. It helped, of course, that the production team had full access to the luxury house’s archival pieces. What’s more interesting, however, was that Yates tapped into some of the world’s most recognized vintage connoisseurs to build a wardrobe for the film that best captures the evolution of each character. In an interview with Good Morning Vogue, Yates details: “Patrizzia Gucci was quite extreme in her look… she would wear two or three necklaces at times so we had swathes of jewelry.”


House of Gucci opens in theaters on November 24, 2021.





First premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, Pablo Larrain Matte’s Spencer is easily one of the top favourites of film critics this year. A fictionalised telling of Princess Diana’s exit from her marriage to the crown and departure for Windsor, the movie written by Steven Knight saw a sparkling performance by lead actress Kristen Stewart. In an article published by Insider, a close staff and confidante of the late Diana commented: “Of all the people who have played Diane over the past 10 years, she’s the closest to her. She managed to perfect her mannerisms.”


Alongside superb acting were the clothes that truly brought the poise, beauty and elegance of the beloved royal to life. Imagined by costume designer Jacqueline Durran (who also built wardrobes for films like Atonement and Little Women), clothes used in the film were sourced from the storied archives of Chanel. Durran explains in an interview with Vogue: “Whenever Diana was wearing Chanel, she seemed like herself… Even if she wasn’t feeling good on the inside, she stood tall and shined during those moments.” The jewelry that fits perfectly with all that Chanel? Pearls, of course.


SPENCER was released in theatres on November 5, 2021.





On television, the biggest comeback is that of the girls of Sex and The Cityin And Just Like That. The rebook of fashion’s favorite comedy series has broken the net several times since it began releasing sneak peeks into the outfits of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Mr. Big and yes, even Stanford. The City (aka New York) has also become this year’s fashion plate, serving up evolved looks of the ladies.


Little is known about the plot for And Just Like That, but what we do know is that the looks are, in themselves, main themes. There were iconic pieces from the original series that returned to the screens—the Manolos pumps, Dolce and Gabanna’s pink fluffy sandals, sequinned Fendi baguettes, and the studded waist belt. Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago, proteges of Sex And The City costume designer Patricia Fields shares, “We’re in a post pandemic Zoom life in the city, so Carrie has a more vintage, recycled vibe this time around, and she has archive to pull from… We wanted to show just how stylish women of every age can be. Even if the characters and their personal looks have shifted, they haven’t lost any of their whimsical flair.”


Whereas the Carrie necklace was the mainstay of Sex and The City, it was clear the pearls were the new jewel du jour for this much awaited revival. We loved how Carrie layered it with other chains and wore it solo to complement stunning 50s-inspired outfits. A pair of timeless studs, were also staples of Carrie’s wardrobe that illuminated true style at every age.  


And Just Like That premieres on HBO Max in December.