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Wo/Men of Pearls: Simmy Ling: Healing Facilitator, Spiritual Guide and Founder of Simsimling Awakening

After Simmy Ling packed up her office desk in the contemporary art industry, she sought out to discover healing. Bali was the first stop in her backpacking sojourn, which led her to the discovery of love, clarity, freedom, and sense of true purpose. She remembers, “The pivotal moment happened as I was recommended to see a past life regression therapist…It shocked me to my core when my life’s deepest secrets and pains were addressed and released with so much love and care in that five-hour session.”

The life changing experience would soon lead her to fulfilling her life’s mission of helping others find healing and liberation from limiting beliefs. At Simsimling Awakening, modalities of past life regression, Akashic Records consultation, soul and energy healing are utilized to help individuals navigate their life’s journeys with joy. Simmy has crossed the bridge from contemporary art to the art of healing, and in relishing in this chosen track, she remarks: “The heartalwaysknows the right path and how to get there. The more we take time to pay attention and be guided by this inner compass, the more fulfilling and liberated our lives become.” 



1. What keeps you busy these days?



After growing and exploring for three years, both my business and I are going through a rebirth. I gave both aspects some deep reflection and healing: facing our shadows, rediscovering and re-aligning with who we truly are, our core values, intention and purpose. This allows us to serve the community and the collective with more ease and grace, especially after the potent deconstruction to our city’s psyche in the form of social movement and Covid. 

I let go of the part of me that played small, honouring and stepping up to the ever-unfolding gift as a light channel and spiritual guide. I feel more aligned and confident to serve with an expansive vision: self-healing as activism. Only when we decide to uproot the seeds of separation within and plant the seeds of love, kindness and compassion, can the world break toxic cycles and truly heal. 

I’m working on expanding my English offerings on guided meditation, self-healing and alignment coaching. This month I’ll travel to Bali. The joy of post-Covid travel! Grounded connection and nourishment from Mother Earth means more potent support for my clients and students as they step up to rise in love and awareness. It's a really exciting time at Simsimling Awakening!



2. How did you come to find your current career or life’s work?



It was literally divine intervention. In retrospect, from a very young age I always knew I wanted to work with people to expand their world view and perspective, but never quite knew what form it would take. After feeling unfulfilled and burnt out in my contemporary art career, I made the best decision of quitting office life and backpacking around the world. 

One and a half years later in Bali, the pivotal moment happened as I was recommended to see a past life regression therapist. Prior to that, I only had a tarot reading and Chinese natal chart reading once, and were generally skeptical about all things mystical. So it shocked me to my core when my life’s deepest secrets and pains were addressed and released with so much love and care in that five-hour session. 

Even after four years, I still remember I felt deeply relaxed, much clearer and more in touch with myself than ever before. Knowing why my life has been the way it was, and where I’m heading was so liberating. That’s when I knew that all I wanted to do from then on was to bring peace, clarity and liberation to people–because we all deserve it.



3. What is it about your work or career that you enjoy most?



I help old souls, leaders, visionaries and change-makers to understand their life journey from the soul perspective, so that they can free themselves from limited beliefs and live fully in joy, love, purpose and fulfilment. We do this through past life regression, Akashic Records consultation, soul and energy healing. 

I really love how this work inspires and empowers my clients and students with instant shifts and results. They come in confused, unhappy, unfulfilled, angry, hurt, sometimes with serious health issues. Then they find clarity, release, and peace. They reconnect with themselves and find answers to all their burning questions, and even miracles if they allow it.

Oftentimes, we’re not able or educated to see ourselves as free, powerful, abundant and limitless because of deep conditioning from caretakers, authorities, media, and collective consciousness. My work is to help people see that they have full control over what they believe in, and can rewrite their story at any time in their life.

I’m often humbled and in awe of the expansive wisdom and miracles that come through the sessions, when people are open to listen to their heart and soul. The heartalwaysknows the right path and how to get there. The more we take time to pay attention and be guided by this inner compass, the more fulfilling and liberated our lives become. 

This uplifts their self worth, relationships, mental and physical health, career, finance, which is deeply satisfying. My client’s wins are my wins, and the rewards of deep inner work are here to stay.


4. For people who aspire for similar careers, what would be your advice?



As a healer, the most important work is Be the Healing. Lead by example. Nourish and heal ourselves first, set up healthy boundaries to avoid burnout, and remember that we don’t heal people. We are simply holding sacred space for the healing to happen. Keeping one’s spiritual ego in check will make sure the work is most aligned, done with integrity, and both client and healer will benefit the most.

And do it with your personal flare and have fun! Everyone brings a unique frequency that is magnetically attractive to their own tribe, and the world needs all sorts of healers, leaders, creatives and change-makers in their own authentic expressions.



5. What are the career milestones that inspire you to break the glass or mold?



Most recently I facilitated a holistic healing that is miraculous, helping a client who suffered from severe Endometriosis for years. After two surgeries to remove chocolate cysts and yet having more cysts appearing in her check-up a few months back, she was at a point in her life where the doctor had suggested she either get pregnant asap or have her uterus removed. She;s unfortunately had two miscarriages. After a month of holistic healing, she underwent a medical check-up and all her rapid-growing cysts were gone! She was so relieved, happy, and finally able to start living life free from this condition.

This really inspires me to focus more on deepening the work on physical and mental wellbeing. I want “miracles” like this to happen to everyone in need!



6. How do you balance work and family life? What are activities that enable you to bond with family?



That is something I have broken throughed this year.  As a chronic workaholic who loves her work and has no dependents at the moment, boundaries between work and life can be blurred. The wake up call came when I got Covid in February and instead of resting and recovering, I found myself still thinking about work during most of my waking moments. That’s when I knew I’ve crossed boundaries with my health, which manifested as an illness that I wouldn’t want to experience again in my life (the sore throat was next-level! If you know you know) 

Covid made me learn that my value is not defined by my output. I’m definitely staying away from the hustle culture, which  is clearly not sustainable. When we lean into our divine feminine essence, we create with ease and grace - that’s where I’m integrating at the moment.

I now make it a commitment to see my family regularly and be present with them—dinners, watching D-drama with my mom, listening to my grandma’s life stories, sharing wine with my dad and understanding him as a person. It made me more compassionate and appreciative of having them as family.



7. What is your self care indulgence? How do you treat yourself or reward yourself at the end of each day or long work week?



I enjoy the subtle bliss in the everyday: binge on a good TV series, do nothing all day, be in nature, have a small (sometimes one-person) dance party at home, and try something new. I'm currently a proud skater girl at 35. Tapping into tantric self-pleasure practice that nourishes my feminine essence–it keeps life orgasmic and juicy (literally).



8. What is everyday luxury for you? Kindly share an example. 



Fresh air. Good company. Thought-provoking conversations. Love and kindness shared. Freedom on the skateboard. Beautiful flowers and herbal scents. Peace of mind after meditation. Joyful and alive after dancing.



9. How would you describe your personal style? What are three your wardrobe essentials?



It really depends on my mood, but mostly classic and colourful. I love rich, jewel tones and classic silhouettes. Fashion has been a source of self exploration and creativity. At one point I believed that to be spiritual is to let go of possessions and material needs. I stopped dressing up and it led me to a mild depression as I lost a channel to self expression. That’s how I know playing with style can be healing.

My three  wardrobe essentials: well-tailored jacket, floaty draped pants, exquisite lingerie.



10. What comprises a good investment piece? Kindly cite examples of pieces in your current wardrobe.



Craftsmanship, timelessness, bringing out the best of you and good memories, that will last through different stages of your life.My nappa leather jacket, Arc‘teryx Gore-Tex shell jacket, Gucci tweed set. 



11. Why are pearls special to you?


They represent the purest essence of the ocean. Crafted by time, nurtured with care and instantly connects you with the Divine Mother that is Earth. The energy is nurturing and reminds me of Venus/Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.