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Arachne Brooch

This 16mm South Sea Pearl Spider Brooch surrounded with 26 stud diamonds can spin anything into glamour

Pearl: South Sea Baroque Pearl, 16mm 
Rate: 18K Yellow Gold, 6.45 grams 
Gemstone: 26 Diamonds, 0.29 carat


Ships in 3-6 weeks

Shipping and Returns

- Door to door delivery takes 3 - 6 weeks
- A tracking number will be sent upon dispatch
- Free shipment
- Insured delivery
- Taxes and custom duties that apply to country of destination will be charged to the customer
- Currently, we don’t accept returns and exchanges

Care Instructions

- Always wear your pearls last, and take them off first
- Wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing
- Store separately in a dry container
- Always wear them to maintain moisture

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Our Pearls

ARAO South Sea pearls are sustainably sourced from the beautiful islands of Palawan, Philippines. The country is known to be one of the leading sources of Golden South Sea pearls. Our partner pearl farms take care of the environment by providing a healthy breeding ground for the living gems.  The beauty in our pearls comes from its uniqueness. As they are organic, no pearl is perfectly identical in size, color, and shape. This is what makes them so real and so special.

Our Material

ARAO jewellery is made with authentic, high quality gold curated by experts and sourced from Hong Kong. We use 18K and 14K gold, which are 75% and 58% gold respectively.  We also use genuine diamonds and various gemstones in the making of our pieces. They are mostly sourced from Burma and Brazil, while our diamonds originate from India. Each undergoes an intensive quality inspection to ensure that they are of great value. For mabe ‘half’ pearls, we use gold vermeil, which has sterling silver as its base, coated with 18K gold.

Our gemstone

In true form, fine gems on offer are among the rarest. Gemstones are handpicked to show a wide range of hues and cuts not typically found in most vaults. There are sapphires in shades of orange, yellow and green. Diamonds come in black and a stunning hue of blue. Pearls, of course, come in the most stunning shades of gold, brown and gray.