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The recent issue of The Financial Times, Eliza Brooke talks about the women in the White House and their jewelry of choice. From Jacqueline Kennedy to Vice President Kamala Harris, the subtle elegance of pearls speaks volumes about women in positions of influence.


According to the article, aptly titled The Power of Pearls, fashion is an extension of one’s political expressions. For the closely watched women in the White House, specifically, how they present themselves in public convey character, principles and ethos. Brooke expounds, “Draping oneself in diamonds can read as out-of-touch to the American public, but looking too casual can signal a lack of respect for one’s office.”




The article reinforces that pearls are appropriate pieces of jewelry especially for women who are often in the public eye. Susan Page, USA Today Bureau Chief was quoted, “They are classic and beautiful and dressy, but they are not extravagant or flashy. It hits the sweet spot where…you look well-dress…but you are not showing off.”